Montag, 27. Juli 2009

30th of June 2009

IT'S DONE! Villa Manuk Bambu is finished and welcoming its first guests :-)))

Sonntag, 26. Juli 2009

23rd of June 2009

What a shock -last night a few meters of the fish pond wall broke down. That means more work in our less remaining time to finish all nicely till 30th of June - but we know - we can do it....

22nd of June 2009

Yipppiiiihh! We have now even internet access in Villa Manuk. Not really quick but it is working :-)

20th of June 2009

On 30th of June the first guests will check in for Villa Manuk Bambu and we are all just working and working to get it finished in time. But every day we can see a big progress.

Yes, it is growing! Our first organic vegetables!

Our Bale Bengong got a nice floor and also we changed the littel bridge "a la Venice" to the Bale - it was a bit dangerous :-).

Some of our craftsmen - Komang, Wirya and Ketut. They were not only building the house and pool but also clever in doing furnitures like our bamboo tables and the deck chairs.

18th of June 2009

Villa Manuk Bambu really deserves its name – nearly all is made from Bambu material.

And the view is at least the same beautiful like from Villa Manuk Batu.

29th of May 2009

It is not an easy work to arrange the piping for the waste water garden treatment, especially when the pipes are not straight! Because of improper storing the pipes were bended. It was not possible, not even on one site, to lay the pipes exact horizontal. After a few hours trials the craftsman Ketut and I gave up and decided to buy a new pipe. The work was then done very quickly.
On the photo you see the level laid pipe on gravel for the leach field.

26th of May 2009

My husband has a great team of craftsmen and helpers. Here they having their coffee break

At the moment we do not have guests for Villa Manuk Batu so it is a good time to finish some details in the Bale Bengong.

Villa Manuk Bambu is getting “a face”

And here the view to Villa Manuk Bambu from Villa Manuk Batu – Kamar Bintang